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5 Deadlift Alternatives

Ever felt limited or restricted when doing a deadlift…? Like your lower back hurts, or you are just unable to do it correctly without injuring yourself? Well maybe then you should look to other alternatives.Deadlifts are renowned for being the king of strength exercises. Now this is great if performed correctly, but in truth, many people just don’t have the right mechanics, muscle mobility and strength...

5 Best Bicep Exercises

For most men undertaking a new exercise regimen, the biceps are a key area of focus. No matter whether you’re a complete novice to exercising regularly or a veteran of your local gym, there’s not many muscle groups that respond better to regular exercise.If you’re looking to fine-tune the biceps element of your fitness routine or you’re a newbie in need of some initial pointers, consider these five effective biceps exercises that will enhance strength, encourage muscle growth and deliver impressive toning results in no time at all.

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