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Best Exercises for Chest

Here are four of the best exercises for chest to be strong and well-defined.

Barbell bench press

• Lie back on a flat bench with your feet touching the floor
• Arch your back slightly for more power and to isolate the chest
• Stretch out your arms about 50cm more than your shoulder width
• Firmly grip on to the barbell
• Lift the weight off the rack and hold it over you with your arms locked
(This is your starting position)
• Breath in and draw the bar down slowly until it touches your chest
• As you breathe out, push the bar back to the starting position
(Focus on using your chest muscles as you push)
• Lock your arms and squeeze at the top of the motion pushing your chest in a contracted position
• Hold for a second and then slowly bring the bar back down.
• Do 8 reps
• Place the barbell back on the rack

Inclined dumbbell press / Inclined fly

• Lie back on an inclined bench
• Hold the dumbbells over your head facing forward, shoulder width apart
• Drop your arms slowly
(The upper arm will be parallel to the floor and forming a 90-degree angle at the elbow)
• Push back up and squeeze at the top of the motion
• Do 8 reps

This chest exercise is effective because you can ignore the tension on both sides of the pectoral muscles and can focus on the squeeze

Standing cable fly

• Set up cables on each side at shoulder height
• Hold on to the handles, arms slightly behind the shoulders
• Step one foot forward, bend the front knee and keep the leg inclined to the back straight
• Arch your chest and keep it open
(This is your starting position)
• Bring the elbows in, to a point the finger knuckles touch, squeeze at this point
• Slowly bend the elbows back to the starting position
• Do 8 reps

Inclined cable fly

• Set up the cables on each side at the bottom
• Lie back on an inclined bench
• Hold to the cable handles, keeping the shoulders drawn back
(Starting position)
• Pull your elbows upwards, finger knuckles touch above your chest
• Drop back to the starting position
• Do 10 reps, 4 sets of this chest exercises
In these chest exercises do not lock out your arms fully as the biceps and the elbow joints might strain. Maintain a slight bend at the elbows at the top of every motion.

To see me doing this, watch the below video..

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