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Best Exercises for Upper Chest for Men

When people hit the gym, one notion pushes them: No pain, no gain. While that may be true, you need not work your chest muscles, yet you hardly get the required nice cross definition you need. All you require is an understanding of the best exercises for upper chest and how to do them correctly. Below are five effective workout techniques to have a bulging chest.

1. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Lie down on a bench at an inclined level and pick up a pair of dumbbells that you can comfortably lift. Position and hold the dumbbells up towards the ceiling in each hand at shoulder width apart with the arms straight. Starting from the top, bring the arms  down until they just reach chest level and then press them back up together. The aim is to try and bring the elbows and wrists together at the top of the movement. Control the weight both up and down whilst ensuring the shoulders are pressed back at all times.

The dumbbell chest press is essential as it causes tension with the upward and downward movement of the arms. When performing this exercise, breath out at the top of the movement.

2. Incline Barbell Press

Pick up a barbell and move it up and down up to the level of your chest. To achieve the right press, do this with the hands at shoulder width. When performing the press you will have a slight arch in the upper back to help place tension on the chest.

Depending on your frame, you may elect to have a narrower or broader width; the only trick is to have proper arm movement. A narrower grip will result in less width to the chest and incorporate more triceps.

3. Incline Cable Fly

This is one of the best exercises for upper chest for men. Lie on a bench facing up on a cable fly machine and hold the cable at the bottom of the device. Bring the arms inward as you resist the tension. Release the pressure as your arms move out. Draw the shoulders back as you bring the arms toward each other. Move the shoulders out when releasing the cord outward. To have the right motion, move the elbows below the torso with nicely retracted shoulders and an arch on the back.

4. Incline Close Grip Kettlebell Press

While lying on a incline bench, hold the kettlebell up just above your chest with both hands. Tuck in your elbows while ensuring proper posture on the bench. This is your starting position. Then press the kettlebell up until your arms are straight. At this point you will squeeze your chest and then bring the weight back down to your chest.

Avoid taking long rest and the bottom of the movement and make sure your shoulders maintain retracted throughout.

5. Single-Arm Chest Press

On a chest press machine, slightly tilt your upper body backwards and move the machine back and forth (horizontally) with your one arm at a right angle. Move the lever, and bring the elbow in slowly toward the collarbone. Do this without inserting tension so that tension is caused on the inside and outer muscles of the chest.

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