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Best Glutes Exercises

There are three glutes muscles; the glutes maximus, glutes minimus and the glutes medius. Getting good and strong glutes through glutes exercises, improves your squats and dead lifts exercises making you more athletic, improving your body alignment and the lower back.

Four best glutes exercises

Wide-Stance Leg press

–        Place your feet wide on the leg press machine
(do not put your feet close together).
–        Make sure you brace your abs and back is flat on the cushioning.
–        Push the machine with your legs.
(push through the heels sinking the way into the glutes and hamstrings on the way down).
Do not lock out the knees fully at the end of the movement as this can cause injury towards the knee.
Keep your knees in line with your toes when you press.
–        Pull back your legs towards your chest.
–        Breathe in and out as you are pressing.
–        Perform full reps as doing half reps will cause stress to your knees and will not activate the glutes.

Hip thrust

–        Seated beside a bench.
–        Place feet wider than hip width.
–        Place your upper back towards the edge of a bench.
–        Place a barbell along your hips.
–        Keeping your head is neutral, steer at the point.
–        Sink the hips towards the floor and then extend up as high as you can.
–        Keep your body flat at the top of the movement and knees at a 90-degree angle.
–        Squeeze on the glutes at the top of the movement
(do not: arch your back, face your head up, place your knees too close towards your back, leave a tiny or wide distance for your hip movement as this puts pressure in your knees and lower back).

Smith machine lunge

–        Place your left foot far back.
–        The back foot should be in line with your front foot.
–        Grip on the barbell on the machine as it lies on your shoulders.
–        Keep your back straight and brace your abs.
–        Sink the glutes towards the floor.
–        Front leg forms a 90-degree angle at the knee.
–        Come back up.
–        Ensure you get a full range of movement.
Do not push up with the back leg.
–        Alternate the legs.

Bulgarian split squat

–        Standing beside a bench, arms straight holding weights.
–        Place the edge of your left foot towards the edge of a bench.
–        Sink down using the right leg.
–        Forms a 90-degree angle, come back up.
–        Keep shoulders back and the back straight.
–        Perform full reps.

To see these exercises in action, check out the below video:

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