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7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews

Myprotein is a popular brand known for its affordable high nutrition supplements. Their grand seller is the Impact Whey; a product loved for its high protein value and varied flavors. Currently, Myprotein Impact whey is available in 53 different flavors raising the question as to which is the best. To help you find out, here is a detailed review on some of the highly profiled Myprotein Impact Whey flavors.

Selection Criteria

Though flavor depends on personal preferences, certain things contribute to why certain flavors are preferred than other. We have based our selection criteria on those and a number of positive consumer response after using the product. In this selection we are looking into:

  • Texture – How thin or creamy is the flavor?
  • How well does it blend or mix?
  • Consumer response to the Myprotein Impact Whey flavor
  • Aftertaste – does it leave you wanting more?

From this, we concluded the nays and yays. In this review, all the suggested flavors offer a creamy taste, can mix well, taste great while leaving you with some bit of more craving.

Check out our overall review on the product:

Top Six must have Myprotein Flavors

1. Chocolate Smooth
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 1

Myprotein chocolate smooth seems to get many likes from satisfied consumers who find the flavor particularly tasteful and a great blend with milk or water. The chocolate smooth is more of soft natural tasting cocoa with an artificial sweetener added. What sells most is the smooth blend when mixed with water or milk rather than the flavor. The chocolate smooth makes the perfect taste among the Choco selection. This flavor is actually Amazon bestselling Myprotein protein blend at is available at a fantastic price.



2. Salted Caramel
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 2

Salted caramel offers the perfect balance between the sweet and salty giving users an authentic test. You can opt to add almond milk, water or dairy milk to the salted caramel protein concentrate. The mixture blends in smoothly with no lumps or needs for a second mix. You can find this particular flavor here at an affordable price.

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3. Natural Vanilla
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 3

The natural vanilla is not necessarily a smash hit flavor compared to chocolate smooth and caramel. However, it makes a versatile option for many looking to play around with the flavoring. You can add banana toppings or frozen berries depending on what goes for you. Regarding blending, the natural vanilla Myprotein mixes well with water and milk for a smooth creamer feel. The aftertaste leaves you wanting more. Natural vanilla flavor is available at consumer’s best price.

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4. Mocha
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 4

The mocha flavor offers a variation of chocolate with a dash of coffee for coffee lovers. This blend is exceptional with an aftertaste aroma that continues to tap into your coffee addiction. Mocha goes particularly well with milk and water. You can try almond milk if you are a vegan. The mixture is however slightly dense for a more substantial feel. You can find Mocha flavor right here.

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5. Rocky Road
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 5

This particular Myprotein flavor has a distinctive name that disassociates itself from any specific flavor. The slightly eccentric name is what draws curiosity to the flavor and our amusement its quite noticing. The rock road tastes like waffle cones when making protein pancakes. Some find its taste similar to marshmallows. This flavor doesn’t clump, unlike others. But the after flavor taste from two scopes mixed with room temperature water isn’t the best. Nonetheless, it makes a great protein powder flavor for pastries. You can find it on Amazon.

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6. Unflavored
7 Best Myprotein Flavors – Ultimate Buyers Guide and Reviews 4

The lack of flavor stands to be an upward advantage for this particular selection. This unflavored option offers versatility in terms of test preference for those looking to add their natural taste to the blend. When mixed with water or milk the unflavored protein concentrate blends well for a smooth protein shake. Nutritional values are high like the rest of the other flavors despite its lack of a tang. Unflavored is available on Amazon.

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Buyers Guide (MyProtein Flavour)

Before grabbing a Myprotein Impact Whey bag, its best to consider the available flavor options to know which is best and why. As stated before, Myprotein offers 53 different flavors for this particular brand. They consist of the main four flavors: banana, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. From this four, the company further subdivides the flavors into exotic tastes for more diversity. Myprotein also offers an unflavored selection for people who prefer adding personal flavorings such as peanut butter or natural sweeteners like honey and those who prefer none at all.

Main Flavors available

The main flavors are chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry. These four flavors have been around for quite some time. Customer feedback on all four main offerings is full of positive remarks and awarded five-star rating. They are available from 1kg to 5kg three different pouch size. Inside, you get 100% premium whey protein concentrate in the flavor of your choice. Nutritional value changes depending on the taste. All main flavors blend well with water and milk.

Chocolate Flavors available

If you are more of a Choco-person, you might like the chocolate heaven flavors available in Myprotein Impact Whey protein concentrate. You are spoilt of 14 different chocolate flavors namely: chocolate banana splash, chocolate caramel, cocoa cereal, chocolate brownie, chocolate mint, stevia chocolate, chocolate coconut, chocolate nut, natural chocolate, chocolate orange, chocolate smooth, stevia chocolate mint, white chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter.

Must-Have Chocolate flavors

Out of the 14, the most loved chocolate flavors by consumers are the chocolate brownie, chocolate caramel and chocolate smooth. The brownie blends exceptionally well despite its thick texture giving you a dessert like a feel for a protein shake. Most people, however, seem to like the caramel Choco flavor. It’s a bit sweeter from the rest with significant stress on the caramel flavor rather than the underlying chocolate taste. As for the chocolate smooth, it mixes perfectly offering the right blend for a protein shake. There three flavors are worth a try for anyone with Choco craving.

Major don’ts

Despite the wide variety, it’s safer to stay away from the peanut and nut chocolate offerings. The two flavors received significant backlash for their lack of nutty taste and blending capability, unlike the rest. Though the chocolate bit is spot on, the nut flavor is somehow missing – a problem also experienced by other major protein shake brands.

Besides that, all other chocolate offerings range from good to very good. But the most vouched for chocolate flavor is the Chocolate smooth. It’s available on Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

Stevia Flavors available

Stevia is a natural sweetener that comes from the leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana plant. It’s preferred to sugar due to its lack of calories and health benefits. There are six variations in this offering namely: Stevia Chocolate, Stevia Banana, Stevia Chocolate Mint, Stevia Vanilla, Stevia blueberry, Stevia Strawberry and Raspberry.

The Stevia sweetener, however, overpowers the added flavors. Its taste is suited for those looking for a weaker flavor option in the varied types. If you are a first time user, it is best to mix the concentration with fewer cups of water or milk for a rich taste.

In terms of consumer feedbacks, the Stevia offerings don’t receive much interest. Over they are still an excellent selection for anyone interested in natural sweeteners.

Fruit flavors available

Myprotein offers a variety of fruit flavors for their Impact whey selection. They include banana, strawberry, summer fruits, vanilla, pineapple, raspberry, and orange cream. For many, the Pineapple and summer fruits have an artificial taste that isn’t the best. Some also find the blueberry flavor not the best with much liking going to the orange cream and raspberry for their natural fruity feel. But for this selection, the vanilla and strawberry receive the most love for their original blend and fantastic flavor.

Coffee flavors available

The coffee selection consists of coffee caramel, latte, macha, and mocha. Consumer remarks vary on these suggestions from extreme dreadful to welcoming feedback. But with your taste buds being the jury, the coffee flavors are fantastic if you already fancy the continental taste of the coffee brew.

Other Flavors available

The remaining flavor offerings don’t necessarily fall under any subgroup. A good number of them are well received for their excellent taste and blending capability. They include: apple crumble and custard, toffee, stracciatella, sticky toffee pudding, peanut cookie, rocky road, maple syrup, salted caramel, lemon cheesecake, cookies and cream, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry jam roly poly, cinnamon Danish, banoffee, Pecan Pie and others.

Strict Don’ts

Based on consumer reviews, the golden syrup and toffee are major no. Their blending is terrible, and the taste isn’t that great. It’s best to stick to the favorites, salted caramel, and blueberry cheesecake.

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