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5 BEST Smartwatches for Women: Be Smart & Beautiful

Top 5 Smartwatches for Women: Be Smart & Beautiful

Today, technology is the heart and soul of fashion accessories worldwide. Every modern woman enjoys practical and sassy accessories which can help her perform professional tasks in style. For example, smartwatches are not only extremely practical but they’re also sophisticated fashion items. You can benefit from having valuable information right on your wrist. However, with so many options available on the market, choosing the best smartwatch can be difficult. So, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 smartwatches for women to help you make the right decision.

1. The Riley Hybrid by Marc Jacobs

The Riley Hybrid is the best smartwatch for women. It integrates a unique design, an easy-to-use interface, and streamlined app connectivity. Its fun and playful design pushes through the boundaries of Marc Jacob’s style. This hybrid combines features of a functional timepiece with cutting-edge smart tech, which allows you to track your wellness activities and receive notifications.

Design, Colours & Material

The smartwatch is available in a variety of colours including black & pink or black & gold cases. The watch’s case is built from aluminum and it’s 42 mm thick. The bulky, yet comfortable display is very efficient when it comes to reading notifications and other metrics.

The bottom of the case is metallic, and the side buttons come in gold or multiple colours. Its rubber strap gives it a sporty feel so it’s easy to pair with workout outfits. For a more stylish look, you should choose the silicone color and aluminum options. It’s easy to wear and customize by just sliding the straps one through another until you reach the right notch. The loudest version of the watch is the pink and multiple colour version, however, you can go for something subtler.

Connect App

You can connect your Riley Hybrid Smartwatch to the Marc Jacobs Connected app through Bluetooth and it’s compatible with Apple Store and Google Play. Using the watch’s side buttons, you can activate different functions. You can configure the buttons to suit your preferences such as to show a different time zone, or who sent the last notification.

2. Access Sofie by Michael Kors

Access Sofie is an undisputed fashion statement. The smartwatch has a distinctive, eye-catching design including a high-quality interface.

Design, Colours & Material

As an upgrade of the Access Bradshaw model, the Access Sofie design proves that Michael Kors has diligently considered past critics and created a more stylish and glamourous smartwatch for women. But glamour comes with the price of disabling a few key features linked to fitness tracking or Google Pay. Its design is incredibly fashionable but also weighs in on the heavy side.

The round display features a single side button which you can use to configure the settings and scroll through the apps. The bezel and the stainless-steel strap include multiple gemstones set at regular distances between the links. The casing is 42mm in size and made from stainless steel which together with the gemstones add to the smartwatch’s weight. The strap can easily be replaced with a subtler version suitable for running daily errands.

Michael Kors Access App

The Michael Kors Access App is easy to access and includes different features such as My Looks, My Next, My Social and My Modes. You can also switch between a nighttime and daytime look. You can also change the color of the watch’s face hands and the interface which can feature your Facebook or Instagram photo. The Sofie Access Smartwatch is powered by Google’s Wear OS which makes it compatible with Android operating systems.

3. Access Runway by Michael Kors

The new Access Runway model continues the same stylish look of its 2016 predecessor. It integrates a touchscreen display and Google Wear OS. Although it’s classier than other Michael Kors smartwatches, the smooth integration of design elements makes it more appealing.

Design & Specifications

You can choose a 41 mm stainless steel or gold case and a silicon or metal strap. The silicone strap version is available in pink or black, and the metal version comes in two matte or polished options of steel or gold. The display’s resolution stands at 390×390 pixels and its 1.19 inches deep.

This smartwatch integrates is powered by Wear OS (Snapdragon 2100) and features 512MB of RAM. The Storage capacity stands at about 4GB. Also, you can enjoy the Google Assistant feature is you’re using an Android phone. However, the smartwatch is also compatible with iOS mobile phones.

The battery fully recharges within 1 hour and can last up to 24 hours.

Michael Kors Access App

You can easily connect your smartwatch to the Access App by downloading it from Google Play or Apple Store. You can customize your watch’s face through the My Social feature which connects to your Instagram or Facebook Account.

4. The Hybrid Smartwatch by Michele

This smartwatch marks Michele’s first steps into the tech industry. It combines the classical analog watch with smart functions when it’s connected to the Michele Connected app.

Design and Specifications

The hybrid integrates a large display, a 38mm case and large bezels which give it a thicker and heavier look. It’s available in different colors including navy & white, all black, navy & gold or rose gold & grey. The strap has an alligator texture and features an interior silicone lining. You can change the strap with any option from the Michele Collection which includes different leather, alligator, lizard or stainless steel variants.

The watch’s glass is a sapphire crystal which makes it highly resistant to scratches and increases its durability.

The Michele Connected App

You can connect the watch through Bluetooth to the Michele Connected app. It’s fully compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. You can track your basic wellness activities, add fitness goals, configure music and check different timezones. You can also receive notifications and check messages.

5. The M5 Hybrid Smartwatch

As the best Android smartwatch for women, the M5 seems to be a standard watch until you activate its display. You can trigger its LCD display by pressing any of the side buttons.

The design & Functionalities

The smartwatch features silicone straps which offer increased comfort although it’s large LED display adds weight to it. The M5 is 14mm thick, weights up to 62 g depending on its configuration and the dial size is 49 mm. The case is made from fiber reinforced plastic and the screen is made from tempered glass which guarantee increased durability. Its suitable to wear during workouts and you can track your performance through the built-in 3D G-sensor which displays your heart rate, distance covered or burned calories. The M5 Hybrid Smartwatch is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports activities.

Bluetooth Technology

You can configure the analog time by just syncing the watch to your phone. Through Bluetooth technology, you can determine regular syncs with your phone, receive notifications and social media updates. Other available functions include Camera Shutter, Find Watch, Sedentary Remind and Find Watch. You can also connect the smartwatch to the Fundo App to create a lifestyle profile. It allows you to manage and set fitness goals or share your progress with other users.

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