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Myprotein Flavors UK

6 Best Myprotein Flavours | UK Guide & Reviews | 2020

Myprotein in the UK, is a popular brand known for its affordable high nutrition supplements. Their grand seller is the Impact Whey; a product loved for its high protein value and varied flavours. Currently, Myprotein Impact whey is available in 53 different flavours raising the question as to which are the best Myprotein flavours. To

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Best Casein Protein

7 Best Casein Protein Options | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2020

Any fitness enthusiast who is committed to increasing (and maintaining) muscle mass has to seriously consider protein supplements. The two main protein supplements are whey and casein, both of which are derived from dairy. Casein, which accounts for 80% of the protein found in dairy, is a slow digesting protein that slowly releases amino acids

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deadlift alternatives

5 Deadlift Alternatives

Ever felt limited or restricted when doing a deadlift…? Like your lower back hurts, or you are just unable to do it correctly without injuring yourself? Well maybe then you should look to other alternatives. Deadlifts are renowned for being the king of strength exercises. Now this is great if performed correctly, but in truth,

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Blog 5

How to Keep Gym Membership Retention Rates High

Ever wondered why gyms are always swamped with sales walk-ins? I’ll tell you why… Basically, keeping existing members happy is a challenge all gyms and health clubs face. And a massive one in truth. There is constantly an influx of members leaving. And, it costs an extortionately more amount of money to attract new members

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6 Advantages of Circuit Training

You know why circuit training is so popular today? It’s because people are just busy. And circuit training allows you to get a heck of a lot done, in a short, focused amount of time. Circuit Training has become increasingly popular as – like me, people wanna get a  varied intense quick workout. Although I’m

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Blog 7

15 Ways to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

Even as a Personal Trainer it can often be difficult to appreciate that you’re a businessman. You’re self-employed because you don’t necessarily want to work for someone. However, with that mind-set comes a few issues. As a business person you’re many things – you’re trainer, a marketer, a book keeper, a strategist, a social media

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Blog 8

How to Setup a Bootcamp Business

Bootcamp Baby So it’s coming up to summer and if you live in the UK it’s one of the few times of year we’re able to take clients outside and train them. And for me, whilst I love training people one at a time, I absolutely love the thought of training more people, working each

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Blog 9

Pros and Cons of Being a Personal Trainer

Writing this blog wasn’t easy. It’s almost tough to put a mirror on your chosen profession and start picking it apart just for the purposes of a blog post. The truth is, I’m shy. I’m not the first person to be on the dance floor, and just doing an Instagram story of myself to begin

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Blog 10

5 Best Leg Exercises For Women

Building muscle in the legs is crucial if you’re looking to develop some serious strength to benefit your overall exercise regimen. However, targeting specific muscle groups with tailored exercises and toning problem areas can be tricky. Below, you’ll find a selection of effective exercises you can begin at home today that each hone in on

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