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    5 Deadlift Alternatives

    Ever felt limited or restricted when doing a deadlift…? Like your lower back hurts, or you are just unable to do it correctly without injuring yourself? Well maybe then you should look to other alternatives. Deadlifts are renowned for being…

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    6 Advantages of Circuit Training

    You know why circuit training is so popular today? It’s because people are just busy. And circuit training allows you to get a heck of a lot done, in a short, focused amount of time. Circuit Training has become increasingly…

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    Everyone likes nice bowling bowl-like shoulders, but getting those can be difficult. Sometimes, people just fail to develop the right shape of shoulder because they do the workouts wrong. This article will cover six of the best exercises for shoulders.…

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    Best Back Exercises

    In order to attain a well-toned chiselled back, it is essential to know how to perfectly implement effective techniques of training your back. Most folks tend to overlook the back in their workout regimes while others can’t seem to achieve…

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    How to Use A Foam Roller

    Foam rollers are an invaluable part of a healthy runner’s warm-up and cooldown routine. Form rolling before a work out can improve circulation and mobility without negatively affecting performance. Performing this type of self-massage after a workout can help reduce…