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    5 Deadlift Alternatives

    Ever felt limited or restricted when doing a deadlift…? Like your lower back hurts, or you are just unable to do it correctly without injuring yourself? Well maybe then you should look to other alternatives. Deadlifts are renowned for being…

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    6 Advantages of Circuit Training

    You know why circuit training is so popular today? It’s because people are just busy. And circuit training allows you to get a heck of a lot done, in a short, focused amount of time. Circuit Training has become increasingly…

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    5 Best Leg Exercises For Women

    Building muscle in the legs is crucial if you’re looking to develop some serious strength to benefit your overall exercise regimen. However, targeting specific muscle groups with tailored exercises and toning problem areas can be tricky. Below, you’ll find a…

  • best bodyweight leg exercises

    Best Bodyweight Leg Workouts

    Bodyweight leg exercises are great to incorporate, as a home workout. Not only to these exercises strengthen the muscles on the legs but also help with fat reduction.The legs consist of a large portion of the body. Therefore, it takes…

  • Best Glutes Exercises

    Best Glutes Exercises

    There are three glutes muscles; the glutes maximus, glutes minimus and the glutes medius. Getting good and strong glutes through glutes exercises, improves your squats and dead lifts exercises making you more athletic, improving your body alignment and the lower back.…

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    How to Use A Foam Roller

    Foam rollers are an invaluable part of a healthy runner’s warm-up and cooldown routine. Form rolling before a work out can improve circulation and mobility without negatively affecting performance. Performing this type of self-massage after a workout can help reduce…