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Pros and Cons of Being a Personal Trainer

Writing this blog wasn’t easy. It’s almost tough to put a mirror on your chosen profession and start picking it apart just for the purposes of a blog post. The truth is, I’m shy. I’m not the first person to be on the dance floor, and just doing an Instagram story of myself to begin with, took every single ounce of me to not feel self-conscious. And before I delve into the pros and cons of being a fitness instructor, I will say that as someone who is shy – Personal training has done a lot for me. It has allowed me to become more confident and open up to people. Whilst I’m still shy, I’m confident now more than ever.

Right – here goes:

The pros of being a personal trainer:

1) Cheesy – you get to help people. You are involved in a profession, that if clients actually followed your advice, their overall health would increase and there’s a strong correlation between healthy living and exercise that leads to a longer life. In other words, if clients follow your advice and you train them well, it means that they live longer. The job satisfaction you get when a client hits their target weight, drops a dress size, or G-D… even starts to lift heavier than you, is one you just can’t get from many other jobs.

2) Variety – I never had one day that’s the same as the previous day. If I’m not teaching a class or doing sessions in the gym, I’m visiting clients at home and training them there. Sometimes I’m even training some of my clients who travel through Skype. I kid you not….

3) Money – If you have a good roster of clients, it’s actually a very good and lucrative profession to be in.

4) Friends – I’ve developed some good friendships with some clients and built some great bonds. Even if they don’t train with me, we still stay in touch and sometimes hit the town together.

5) Types of people – I get to meet some of the most interesting people. As I said above no day is the same, and no client is the same. I hear stories of the marriages, their work, their kids, their cars, their neighbours. I get to hear it all. And I love it. I’m often treated like a bartender – I have to hear everyone’s problems.

6) Growth – Whilst not all personal trainers appreciate this, there’s a massive platform of things you can delve into once you’re a personal trainer. I’ve had friends picked up and hired by some of the top football teams in the country to work with the training team – to keep the team fit. I’ve had a friend get hired by a Hollywood actor that lives in London. I’ve even had friends be online personal trainers. There’s so many things you can get into once you’re a personal trainer. In fact, you are really only limited by your own imagination.

The Negatives of being a Personal Trainer:

1) People cancelling.

And at the last minute. Boy oh boy does this drive me crazy….It can drive a dent in your day and that can have ripple effects.

2) No fixed hours.

I sorta like a bit of regimented hours. However I suppose with variety (as listed above) – having to work days with sometimes these gaps in the day can be quite frustrating. Sometimes I can finish PT clients at 12pm and not have any again till 3:30pm. That can cause a lull. And coupled with early starts and late finishes, it certainly takes some patience.

3) Frustrating.

I work with clients 3x a week often. It’s rare that I’m hired just for once a week. Now sometimes, some of these clients are binge eating, smoking, and drinking. However, if they put on weight it’s my fault! As if in those 3 hours for the week, I can control their eating habits. It’s not only frustrating but nonsensical that they can pay for the “torture”, as they’d call it, and then go and ruin it by eating crap.

4) Rude.

I’m lucky now as I get to pick who I like to work with. However, I will say that when I started, having to deal with rude people was really tough. The thought that people could get away with speaking to you a certain way just because they pay you, felt awful. I know personal trainers that still go through it.

My Final Thoughts…

All in all, I must say I wake up most mornings and look forward to the day ahead. Therefore for me the Pros definitely outweigh the cons and there isn’t a day that goes by that I regret my choice to become a Personal Trainer.

So now that you have all the info you need to know what it’s like being a PT, it’s up to you to make the big call and decide whether this is the profession for you!

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