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How to Setup a Bootcamp Business

Bootcamp Baby

So it’s coming up to summer and if you live in the UK it’s one of the few times of year we’re able to take clients outside and train them. And for me, whilst I love training people one at a time, I absolutely love the thought of training more people, working each of them equally hard and then earning a higher hourly rate… I simply love seeing them dripping in sweat by the end of the workout knowing they have pushed their limits.

Who Wouldn’t…

So what’s needed to start a Bootcamp Business?

It’s pretty simple – you just need 5 things:

1) Equipment (not loads)

2) A group of people prepared to pay for a 45 minute bootcamp session.

3) Venue

4) Way to Communicate

5) Pricing and Payment

Now, it depends on the type of TV you’re watching but below is a good example of a bootcamp workout. They’re pretty easy to do and arrange for.

Regarding Equipment for a Bootcamp Business

Although you can beast people doing 45 seconds to 1 minute rounds of bodyweight exercises, this might become a bit boring week after week. Variety is so important to keep people interested and challenged. So, here are some of the essential piece of kit you need.

Battleropes – Absolute killer on the arms as well as gets the heart seriously pumping.

Steps – great for all-round exercises such as running, jumping, press-ups and burpees.

Slam balls 6-10kg – Well this is my favourite one… nothing quite like letting your anger out on throwing a heavy ball down to the ground as hard as you can.

Kettlebells 6-12kg – Provides great functionality to your workout through swings, squats, lunge and deadlift variations.

Sandbags 5-15kg – Also great for functionality, works your body in ways you’d never have done before. Dynamic movements like cleans and thrusters will get your heart and body guessing like they never have before.

Cones – These are so cheap to purchase from any sports shop and can be used for sprints and shuttle runs.

Dumbbells and Bars – Great addition for strength work.

Agility Ladder – Great for footwork, speed, cardio and endurance work.

Mats – Everyone loves a bit of abs and core to finish the workout.

It’s not too difficult. Chances are if you are charming you could probably borrow a lot equipment from fellow Trainers, or a local gym. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the investment if you do have to pay. Just a few PT sessions in a day would recoup all your costs anyways.

How Do You Get People

If you work in a gym, trust me it’s easy. People are always looking to train outside, and for those who can’t afford one on one training, it’s the perfect opportunity given to them to see how you work at a cheaper price.

Need a venue – most parks are super flexible with more than enough space to work with. Some parks might require a permit, so just bare that in mind. If you are looking to take your bootcamp through to winter you might think of hiring out a local hall.

Location – Find a park or hall (can be a school hall) which is within short distance to your target audience There’s no point in finding a location which doesn’t suit people or is too far.

Setup a Facebook Group – you’re going to need a way to communicate with everyone? What if it rains? What if there’s a change of plan…Get that group up and even if people swear on their life they’re coming, get them to confirm it all on Facebook.

Setup multiple slots for a day – See if you have enough people to run multiple bootcamps in a day.

Jump onto your local group and say it there.

Use all hashtags – and find local hashtags for Insta and Twitter.

Use all hashtags related to bootcamp.

Setup a One Page website to push your bootcamp services.

Pricing and Payment

Once you have gathered all the numbers via Facebook, Instagram and your website, setup a PayPal account with which people can prepay you in blocks of 6 sessions. This way you are guaranteed the money rather than people forgetting or being stubborn on the day to bring you cash. Also, trust me, people often cancel last minute so make sure you get the money in before.

In Conclusion

I hope this puts you on the right track to starting a well-run well organised, bootcamp.  And the best thing about running one well, is word of mouth will spread and you’ll get busy before you even know it.




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